Offline Release NuWa-0.0.4

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Release notes

This release is the first in the "NuWa" series (and is simply a renaming of the rozz release). "core" was removed due to name clash with Unix "core dump" files. This releases follow DocDB document#1467. This release contains the last of the Gaudi v19r4 based work.

URL for dybinst

To get started, download:

svn export

and run

./dybinst all

More info at Offline_Software_Installation.

Known working platforms

  • Debian etch/lenny GCC 4.0.3
  • CentOS (and so probably SL) 4.5, GCC 3.4.6.


Please post problems to the theta13-offline list.


This release requires (and installs) the following external packages.

AIDA 3.2.1
Boost 1.33.1
cmake 1.8.3
CMT v1r20p20070720
gccxml 0.6.0_patch3
geant4 4.8.3
Python 2.4.4
root 5.14.00f
XercesC 2.7.0
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