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Release notes

This release is the baseline for migration from G4dyb to NuWa based simulation. This release has been verified in so far as the NuWa dn G4dyb outputs agree at the programmed physics level. Development of the simulation using NuWa should preceed from this baseline.

URL for dybinst

To get started, download:

svn export

and run

./dybinst 0.5.0 all

More info at Offline_Software_Installation.

Using the release code

The following is an example of how to use an installation where MY_WORKSPACE set to a directory in your area, and DYBHOME set to the area that contains the installation or, for DayaBay's main clusters:

  • PDSF: DYBHOME=/common/dayabay/global

cd $DYBHOME/NuWa/NuWa-0.5.0
cd dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt/
svn co
cd DetSimValidation/cmt
cmt config
mkdir ../mc_ntuple

Known working platforms

  • SLC 4.4 on AMD64
  • SLC 4.5 bit 32
  • Mac OS X 10.5.5


Please post problems to the Trac database .


This release requires (and installs) the following external packages.

AIDA 3.2.1
Boost 1.34.1
cmake 2.4.6
CMT CMTv1r20p20080222
gccxml 0.7.0_20070615
geant4 4.9.1.p01
GSL 1.8
HepMC 1.28.02
HepPDT 2.02.02
mySQL 5.0.67
OpenMotif 2.3.0
OpenScientist 16.2
Python 2.5.2
root 5.18.00
XercesC 2.8.0
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