Offline Release NuWa-1.0.0-rc01

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Release notes

This release is the baseline for the Mock Data Challenge. The expectation is that bug fixes will be applied the the branch that is rooted with this release (see below).

URL for dybinst

To get started, download:

svn export

and run

./dybinst 1.0.0-rc01 all

More info at Offline_Software_Installation.

Switching to the 'branch' of the release

To be able to commit bug back onto the 'branch' rooted on this release you need to switch your SVN URL to the 'branch' this is done by the following command:

svn switch NuWa-1.0.0-rc01

Moving bug fixes from the 'trunk' to the 'branch'

The following is an example of how to port a bug fix that exists in the trunk in to 'branch' rooted on this release.

# Execute this in the top directory of the release
cd NuWa-1.0.0-rc01
svn diff \ \
svn merge -r4599:4612 \
     <nowiki> \
svn diff dybgaudi/RootIO/RootIOSvc/src/lib
svn ci -m "Port of read back fix for 64bit" dybgaudi/RootIO/RootIOSvc/src/lib
# Now remake anything that has changed.
cd dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt/
cmt br make

The value '4599' is the revision number where the branch separated from the trunk, while 4612 was the revision where the bug was committed (this can simply be set to be 'HEAD')

Using the release code

The following is an example of how to use an installation where MY_WORKSPACE set to a directory in your area, and DYBHOME set to the area that contains the installation or, for DayaBay's main clusters:

  • PDSF: DYBHOME=/common/dayabay/global

cd $DYBHOME/NuWa/NuWa-1.0.0-rc01
cd dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt/
svn co
cd DetSimValidation/cmt
cmt config
mkdir ../mc_ntuple


Please post problems to the Trac database .


This release requires (and installs) the following external packages.

AIDA 3.2.1
Boost 1.34.1
cmake 2.4.6
CMT CMTv1r20p20080222
gccxml 0.7.0_20070615
geant4 4.9.1.p01
GSL 1.8
HepMC 1.28.02
HepPDT 2.02.02
mySQL 5.0.67
OpenMotif 2.3.0
OpenScientist 16.2
Python 2.5.2
root 5.18.00
XercesC 2.8.0
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