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Release notes

This release is the second release for the Mock Data Challenge. The expectation is that this incl;ude most, if not all, of the compilable code that will be used in the MDC, and the aim of this release it to smooth out the scripts used to run the MDC jobs. Any bug fixes that are needed will be applied to the branch that is rooted with this release (see below).


You won't need to access the geometrical information unless, say, you are programming the reconstruction algorithm. However, you do need to specify which geometry you'd like your simulation or visualization to run based on. Four different geometrical configurations are available and you need to specify which one by providing the geometrical XML file as an option of

  • Minimal Conical AD (wet. This is the default geometry). Load with "-G $XMLDETDESCROOT/DDDB/dayabay.xml" or nothing. This geometry offers only the cone-shaped lids with the latest dimensions and locations of the major AD elements: SST, PMT array, OAV and IAV.
  • Minimal Conical AD (dry). Load with "-G $XMLDETDESCROOT/DDDB/dayabay_dry.xml". Same geometry as the wet one. Liquids are replaced by Nitrogen gas.
  • Medium Conical AD (wet). Load with "-G $MEDCONDETDESCROOT/DDDB/dayabay.xml". In addition to the minimal conical geometry, this geometry offers the supporting ribs, overflow/calibration pipes, radial shields and overflow tanks. Naturally, the top and bottom reflectors have holes dug to let the penetration structures go through.
  • Medium Conical AD (dry. This is the MDC geometry.). Load with "-G $MEDCONDETDESCROOT/DDDB/dayabay_dry.xml". Same geometry as the wet one. Liquids are replaced by Nitrogen gas.


  • Some small details are still missing from the Medium Conical geometry but major reflective surfaces we consider significant to AD dry run are coded in. For example, the locking devices between OAV and IAV is not modeled; only central overflow tanks are put in; calibration boxes are using cylinders instead of domes, ......, etc.
  • Some of dimensions of the penetration structures are made up. We don't have the final complete AD drawing yet. But such parts have small effects based on past experiences.
  • Reflectors optical properties should be between ESR and Air. Current ones are actually the old ESR/OIL values.
  • Radial shields are made of "Stainless Steel" instead of mylar in order to have functional optical surfaces.
  • The muon system geometry under MedConDetDesc is not the latest one. The one in XmlDetDesc is. This obviously does not affect AD performance. As for the muon system performance (if you want the structures on the SST lid), according to Kevin, the SST exterior structures have little impact.


  • If your program can't find the Medium Conical geometry, do "cmt config; source; source; cmt br make" in Detector/MedConDetDesc/cmt. The reason is that we have tried to create the dependency on this new geometry package for all the packages but it is possible we miss some.

URL for dybinst

To get started, download:

svn export

and run

./dybinst 1.0.0-rc02 all

More info at Offline_Software_Installation.

Switching to the 'branch' of the release

To be able to commit bug back onto the 'branch' rooted on this release you need to switch your SVN URL to the 'branch' this is done by the following command:

svn switch NuWa-1.0.0-rc02

Moving bug fixes from the 'trunk' to the 'branch'

The following is an example of how to port a bug fix that exists in the trunk in to 'branch' rooted on this release.

# Execute this in the top directory of the release
cd NuWa-1.0.0-rc02
svn diff \ \
svn merge -r4815:HEAD \
     <nowiki> \
svn diff dybgaudi/RootIO/RootIOSvc/src/lib
svn ci -m "Port of read back fix for 64bit" dybgaudi/RootIO/RootIOSvc/src/lib
# Now remake anything that has changed.
cd dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt/
cmt br make

The value '4815' is the revision number where the branch effectivelt branched from the 'trunk'.

Using the release code

The following is an example of how to use an installation where MY_WORKSPACE set to a directory in your area, and DYBHOME set to the area that contains the installation or, for DayaBay's main clusters:

  • PDSF: DYBHOME=/common/dayabay/global

cd $DYBHOME/NuWa/NuWa-1.0.0-rc02
cd dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt/
svn co
cd DetSimValidation/cmt
cmt config
mkdir ../mc_ntuple


Please post problems to the Trac database .


This release requires (and installs) the following external packages.

AIDA 3.2.1
Boost 1.34.1
cmake 2.4.6
CMT CMTv1r20p20080222
gccxml 0.7.0_20070615
geant4 4.9.1.p01
GSL 1.8
HepMC 1.28.02
HepPDT 2.02.02
mySQL 5.0.67
OpenMotif 2.3.0
OpenScientist 16.2
Python 2.5.2
root 5.18.00
XercesC 2.8.0
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