Offline Software Installation on Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex

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Note: The following instructions are valid for NuWa releases before Upgrade that is before and including release 1.2.0. After the upgrade, there is no need for installing old g++-3.4 anymore.

Dear Ubuntu users. Congratulations to your choice of Intrepid Ibex, it's not bad one. Good news is that you can make NuWa software working under this release of Ubuntu.

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Here's the bad news. Ubuntu stopped supporting g++ 3.4 in their repository. Since some of our externals (gccxml, cmake) are little bit "old" dated and still require this old version of g++ a workaround is needed.

Steps you should follow are:



One workaround to get access to g++-3.4 package is to add older repository to your source list.

# echo "deb hardy universe
deb-src hardy universe
deb hardy-updates universe
deb-src hardy-updates universe">>/etc/apt/sources.list

Then do

# apt-get update

to retrieve the updated package lists from the newly added repository.

You need to issue above commands as a root (hence the "#" sign as a shell prompt).

Then install g++-3.4 and g77.

# aptitude install g++-3.4 g77

Agian as root. You should be prompted for confirming downgrading of several packages. I did it with no harm yet. (Except that you will be warned you have partial upgrade available each time Update Manager will be looking for updates, simply cancel the prompt for partial upgrade.)

Update 08:08, 8 February 2009 (EST): Update Manager issue can be fixed by locking the version of those packages which are being prompted for update/upgrade - see this thread about how to do that.


Almost all of the externals support compiler of version 4.1, not higher. Default compiler in Intrepid is 4.3, so, you need to install it and then symlink gcc, cpp, and g++ to 4.1.

# aptitude install g++-4.1


# cd /usr/bin
# rm g++ gcc cpp
# ln -s g++-4.1 g++
# ln -s gcc-4.1 gcc
# ln -s cpp-4.1 cpp

That should be it.


In case any error occurs, check first if you don't miss any dependencies. Otherwise search Trac or offline mailing list. Or e-mail your question to offline mailing list.

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Created by Viktor 08:32, 27 January 2009 (EST)