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Getting Started on Onsite Cluster

This brief guide will help you to have your jobs running on the Onsite Offline Computing Cluster (OOCC). The OOCC is a small number of quad-core IBM blades in the onsite blade server. This resource is primarily intended for use by collaborators onsite. It is not intended for large jobs or offsite use. Please use one of the productions clusters for those purposes.

Prerequisites and Setup

  1. Apply for an Onsite account.
  2. After you have obtained an OOCC account, login to OOCC with "ssh -Y".

Releases on OOCC

  • The optimized version has the extension -opt (e.g. 1.6.0-opt).

Running Daya Bay Software

Note: you DO NOT need to manually set CMTCONFIG variable anymore even if you are running the optimized version of NuWa. The setup script will automatically define that variable for you.

Example below to run 1.6.0-opt:

Disk Space and Data Storage