RACF NuWa-1.8.0 Status

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  • The NuWa-1.7.1 directory was created in AFS.
  • I plan to use this area for 1.8.0-rcNN and then replace it with 1.8.0 when that release is tagged.

20110405 NuWa-1.8.0

20110403 NuWa-1.8.0-rc03

  • Start 1.8.0-rc03 installation. Follow 1.8.0-rc02 steps
  • Secret knowledge to get tokens
  • in releases/
    • ln -s NuWa-1.7.1 NuWa-1.8.0-rc03
    • cd NuWa-1.8.0-rc02
    • rm -rf lcgcmt ldm setup.sh setup.csh setup relax gaudi lhcb dybgaudi
      • Note: Did not remove the data/ softlink
    • rm -rf .svn
      • Latter remove because svn will complain about previous installation in same place
  • in releases/
  • DONE

20110401 NuWa-1.8.0-rc02

  • Start 1.8.0-rc02 installation. Follow RACF NuWa-1.7.0 Status steps.
  • Secret knowledge from Jiajie to obtain tokens. As user dayabay:

/usr/kerberos/bin/kinit -k -t /dc/krb5.keytab_dayabay dayabay
    • These commands are in /dayabay/u/dayabay/supervisor/daily.sh
  • In /afs/rhic.bnl.gov/dayabay/software/releases
  • ln -s NuWa-1.7.1 NuWa-1.8.0-rc02
  • Set CMTCONFIG to be optimized, Freshen dybinst, checkout.
  • Start dybinsting
    • ./dybinst 1.8.1-rc02 checkout
      • DOH! not 1.8.1!
    • ./dybinst 1.8.0-rc02 checkout
    • ./dybinst 1.8.0-rc02 projects
      • Done OK after a mere 3 hours on daya0001.
  • Make optimized by default
    • cd NuWa-1.8.0-rc02/setup/default/cmt/
    • echo "macro host-optdbg 'opt' " >> requirements
  • Test:
    • dayabay@daya0001:releases> ./dybinst 1.8.0-rc02 tests
    • All OK.
  • Add muon data files using links. In /afs/rhic.bnl.gov/dayabay/software/releases/NuWa-1.8.0-rc02
    • ln -s ../NuWa-1.7.0/data .
    • To use export MuonDataPath=/afs/rhic.bnl.gov/dayabay/software/releases/NuWa-1.8.0-rc02/data/NewMuonGenerator/data/
  • DONE