RACF Upgrade to Scientific Linux 6.2

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RACF will upgrade to Scientific Linux 6.2 in late Summer or early Fall of 2012. This collects any issues with this upgrade.

The System

Linux rplay18.rcf.bnl.gov 2.6.32-220.4.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Jan 23 17:20:44 CST 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
g++ (GCC) 4.4.6 20110731 (Red Hat 4.4.6-3)
GNU Make 3.81

General Issues

  • lsb_release is missing



This is a new platform:

Found CMTCONFIG="x86_64-UnknownOS-UnknownCompiler-dbg" from lcgcmt
Checking your CMTCONFIG="x86_64-UnknownOS-UnknownCompiler-dbg"...

ERROR: CMTCONFIG is not compatible!
$ cmt show tags
CMTr20 (from CMTVERSION)Found CMTCONFIG="x86_64-UnknownOS"
CMTp20080222 (from CMTVERSION)
Linux (from uname) package CMT implies [Unix]
x86_64 (from package CMT)
slc62 (from package CMT)
gcc446 (from package CMT)
Unix (from package CMT) excludes [WIN32 Win32]

Add to lcgcmt/LCG_Settings/cmt/requirements

tag gcc446  host-gcc44
tag slc62     host-slc6
tag host-slc6 host-slc
macro host-os       "UnknownOS" \
     host-slc6     "slc6" \
tag x86_64-slc6-gcc44-dbg target-x86_64 target-slc6     target-gcc44    target-linux    target-unix target-dbg
tag x86_64-slc6-gcc44-opt target-x86_64 target-slc6     target-gcc44    target-linux    target-unix target-opt
macro LCG_basesystem                            "uncharacterized-platform" \
     target-x86_64&target-slc6&target-gcc44    "x86_64-slc6-gcc44" \
     target-x86_64&target-slc6&target-gcc44    "x86_64-slc6-gcc44" \


cd /home/bvdb/offline-test/external/CMT/v1r20p20080222/mgr/
source setup.sh
cd /home/bvdb/offline-test/NuWa-trunk/lcgcmt/LCG_Settings/cmt/
bvdb@rplay18:cmt> cmt show macro_value host-cmtconfig
bvdb@rplay18:cmt> CMTCONFIG=x86_64-slc6-gcc44-dbg cmt show macro_value LCG_basesystem
bvdb@rplay18:cmt> CMTCONFIG=x86_64-slc6-gcc44-dbg cmt show macro_value LCG_system


libs/iostreams/src/bzip2.cpp:19:56: error: bzlib.h: No such file or directory

No dev version apparently:

bvdb@rplay18:offline-test> rpm -qa|grep -i bz

Skip it for now and continue with

/dybinst trunk external  clhep cmake gccxml gsl mysql suds zsi ROOT xercesc hepmc heppdt openmotif openscientistvis geant4 setuptools nose xmlnose ipython more mysql_python django data SQLAlchemy virtualenv

While that is in progress Chris has installed the dev packages so need to come back to this.

Okay, OpenMotif failed, so continue testing boost:

rm -r external/build/LCG/boost_1_38_0
./dybinst trunk external boost



We should really get rid of this dinosaur. Anyways, it is failing due to missing some X11 devel chunks:

I18List.c:23:28: error: X11/bitmaps/gray: No such file or directory

I think the missing package is "xorg-x11-xbitmaps". Reported to Chris.

After this got installed, openmotif build succeeds.


Now all externals are built. Relax is okay but Gaudi fails at an old "friend":

../src/component/XMLFileCatalog.cpp:25:23: error: uuid/uuid.h: No such file or directory

It looks like SL6 has split off the UUID parts into packages like libuuid*. I've asked for the -devel version to get installed.


Build succeeds

Nose Tests

GenTools + DetSim - output ... FAIL

Ran out of time on the slower rplay18 which led to subsequent failures that needed the output file from this test.