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Some statistics compiled on 31 Aug 2011.

Under /afs/ :

  • Optimized trunk
trunk> du -hs opt/*
1.8G    opt/external
1004K   opt/installation
1.6G    opt/NuWa-trunk
  • Debug trunk
dayabay@daya0001:trunk> du -hs dbg/*
2.6G    dbg/external
994K    dbg/installation
3.0G    dbg/NuWa-trunk
  • Releases (all optimized)
dayabay@daya0001:releases> du -sh *
500M    NuWa-1.5.0
755M    NuWa-1.6.0
652M    NuWa-1.6.1
688M    NuWa-1.6.2
1.2G    NuWa-1.7.0
826M    NuWa-1.7.1
828M    NuWa-1.8.1
829M    NuWa-1.8.2
982M    NuWa-3.0.0
3.1G    NuWa-upgrade