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You can browse SVN via HTTP in a number of ways.


You can simply direct your browser to the SVN server. This provides a minimal interface.


Doxygen, while not an SVN web interface, provides well formatted access to documentation inlined in the source and presents good organization at the class and file level.

See the Doxygen topic for more information.

Trac of the Repository

Intuitive web access to what is happening in the repository, and access to the ticketing system.

Many facilities such as code browing, commit message searching and rapid linking to docdb and mail archives are provided. See the front page above for usage tips. An interface to the results of automated builds/tests that are performed following commits is also provided.

Trac of Mirror Repository at NTU

The dybsvn repository at IHEP is mirrored to NTU following each commit, where a Trac instance follows events :

And a READ ONLY SVN repository, provides access to the code during IHEP downtimes :

NB this mirror repository was renamed to mdybsvn from dybsvn in March 2009 to avoid naming conflicts when operating with a recovered IHEP repository at NTU


WebSVN provides more features such as viewing old versions or reading commit messages.

AutoDoc: Doxygen Build of G4Dyb

The nightly build of dbp:HowToAutoValidation also creates a dyoxygen build of each module in the repository, based on the G4dyb (or "legacy") build. These files are current available at