Collaboration documents are served via DocDB. This describes how to access and contribute to DocDB.

Upload Guidelines

Always include a version of your file in PDF, if possible. Not all your audience can read all formats. Uploading only proprietary formats limits your readerships and support monopolistic practices.

Which DocDB to use

There are two DocDB instances

The BNL DocDB was initially established and is widely used for LBNE collaboration and (some of) the LBNE sub projects.
The FNAL is mostly used for the beam group and for the documents relating to work by the main LBNE project office at FNAL.

DocDB Tips

Referencing DocDB documents in this Wiki

See this help section.

Managing multiple files in a single DocDB ID

You can upload more than one file. You may do this either to provide a generally accessible PDF version in addition to whatever format you produce natively or you may simply have a suite of documents that should be considered atomic. Whatever the case, DocDB has features to support multiple documents in a single DocDB "document".

Updating a single document in a group of documents

Starting at the document's page click "Update Document" on the left hand sidebar.

Scroll down to the "Local file upload" section. Each pre-existing file should be listed there. Under each "File:/Description:" entry (may be blank) there is a check box labeled:

Copy <THE_OLD_FILE_NAME.EXT> from previous version: []

Check the box to bring over any files from the previous version to the new one. For the files you want to update, don't check the box but instead specify the File: to upload.

There is also a last "File:/Description:" entry if you want to add an additional file. And, below that, there is a "New version has fewer files" check box if you want to drop some of the old files.