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Help on using the DUSEL wiki.


The wiki is read-only for unauthenticated users. To edit you must use an account.

Requesting your account

Anyone that already has an account can make a new one for you. View the user list to find someone.

Making a new account

To make a new account, log in and follow the link Special:Userlogin. After filling in the required information, an email will be sent to the provided address with a link to confirm the account creation. After clicking the confirmation link, the receiver of the message will be able to log in.

Special Markup for this Wiki

Some special syntax is available in this wiki.

Making links to DocDB

You can easily link to a document, meeting session or conference (collaboration meeting) in our DocDB by invoking a template. For example this: DocDB document#1 is made by typing


You can also set the text to display. For example, this: First DocDB document! is made by typing

{{Doc|1|First DocDB document!}}

Available DocDB related templates

Template:Doc use like

{{Doc|<id>|<optional text>}}

Template:Session use like:

{{Session|<id>|<optional text>}}

Template:Conference use like

{{Conference|<id>|<optional text>}}

Colored text

Use the Template:Color:

* {{Color|red|this is red}}
* {{Color|blue|this is blue}}
* {{Color|#827651|this is #827651}}

which is rendered like:

  • this is red
  • this is blue
  • this is #827651

General MediaWiki help

This wiki is powered by MediaWiki which is what is behind WikiPedia.

Some specific tasks


Any term of 3 characters or longer can be searched for using the Go/Search box on the left hand sidebar. Note that "Go" is the default action when you hit "enter". This can either take you directly to the named topic or offer to start it, so be sure to click "Search" if that is what you want.

Start a new topic

The quickest way to start a new topic is to type the topic name into the Go/Search box, click "Go" and click "create this page" link.

Copy a topic

To copy part or all of a topic into another one open up the source and destination topics and click the "edit" link on both. Select the desired markup text from the source and paste it into the destination. Click the "cancel" link on the source to close the edit box.

Dusel Specific help