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  • Information on DOE EPSCOR website: About DOE EPSCOR
  • Slides from the discussion held at UCLA. Slides include some discussion points and agreement that we will focus the proposal on "Calibration for the LBNE far detector". See Milind's slides at Media:Epscor-dis.pdf

Milestones Toward the Full Proposal (To do / Done / Delayed)

Phone Discussions (Policy, Strategy, Technical Details, Action Items & Task Assignment, etc.)

Basic Information for Coordination

1. To reach an agreement on the scope and size of this proposal and who will participate, please fill out this table

Expected team size: F-Faculty, PD-postdoc, G-graduate student, Sci-scientist, Eng-Engineer, Tech-Technician, O-other

Institution Contact Person/email (Expected team size) Areas with Expertise Major Available Resources Research interested Lab Infrastructure to Build/Improve: Ranked list Approx. budget for 3 years
LANL ... Detector/experiment simulation, neutrino physics, astro-neutrino flux modeling ... ... ... ...
F(2-m FET)/1 PD/2 G/1 Tech
muon measurement, PMT calibration, water Cherenkov detector, cosmic ray & background simulation and measurement. NIM/CAMAC electronics, one optical lab (mainly for PMT), one 100k-class clean room (To be installed in June, 2011) Far detector calibration/monitoring: Experiment and/or simulation on neutron tagging, calibration with cosmic ray muons, radon monitoring. Data base for experiment calibration, operation & monitoring. 1. ultra-fast optics lab,
2. super-sensitive radon monitor,
3. computer/storage extension for calibration/monitoring database.
K-State Glenn Horton-Smith, Detector/experiment simulation (Geant4, LArSoft), cosmic ray modeling, tracking recon code, ArgoNeut Electronics Design Lab, clean room, J.R.MacDonald lab (atomic and ion beams, ultrafast lasers, HHG) LAr LAr calibration devices, cryo facility for testing ...
DSU/UW Barbara Szczerbinska, theory: neutrino physics, proton decay, dark matter, etc CETUP first program summer 2011 ... ... ...
SDSU Robert McTaggart, Environmental monitoring Optical Dark Room, alpha/beta/gamma counting, PuBe neutron source, biological assay ... ... ...
USC Sanjib Mishra, ND-related R&D toward the FD calibration. The calibration studies will be aimed at either the WC or LAr or both. ... ... ... ...
U-Hawaii ... ... ... ... ... ...