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New Collaborators

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Welcome to LBNE Water Cherenkov Detector Project. This page collects information useful for new collaborators.


This wiki is mostly devoted to the Water Cherenkov Detector (WCD) part of the overall LBNE project, however it does contain some more general information as well. Consider getting a wiki account to help improve the information here.

Collaboration Membership

Membership is maintained by Maury Goodman. Make sure he has added you to the collaboration list. DocDB document#270


To stay abreast of the goings on:

  • Software related meetings (at least) are held through EVO, get and account and test setting up the software. You should use a headset/mic or noise cancelling audio hardware.


If you intend to be involved in WCD simulation, reconstruction or other computing you should:

  • Join the WCD computing, simulation and/or reconstruction mailing lists (see above)