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Proposed Names

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The water Cherenkov Detector Project is a sub project of the larger LBNE project. We need a concise and applicable label by which we can identify our work and to symbolize the project. Below is a table of some possibilities. Feel free to add new ideas and include your name or initials to the list of proponents of any that you like.

Short Name Long Name Proponents
STOPWatCh STudy Oscillation Physics with WATer CHerenkov (bv)
DAvIS Deep Apparatus for neutrinos In South dakota (dj)
WACHABE WAter CHerenkov Apparatus Below the Earth or WAter CHerenkov Accelerator Beam Experiment (dj)
LUMINOS Large Underground Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search (bv)
DIGDUG Detector In Ground, Deep Under Ground (bv, esh)
GNOME Giant Neutrino Oscillation MEasurement (rvb, esh)
ODD Oscillation & Decay Detector (rvb)
BISON Black hills-Illinois Supernova, Oscillation, and Nucleon decay (rs, esh)
BFLO Black hills-Fermilab Long baseline Oscillation (rs)
HOME Homestake Origins of Matter Experiment (rs)
LOBO LOng Baseline Observatory (jk)
GOLD Giant Oscillation Long baseline Detector (js)
ANNIE Astrophysics, Nucleon decay, and Neutrino Intense beam Experiment (rs)
RUSHMORE Remarkable Underground Southdakota H2o Multi-kiloton Oscillation Research Experiment (mcg)
Neutrino 1000+ / Neutrino 1000 Plus Based on the >1000km baseline and >1000m depth (kr)
HND Homestake Neutrino Detector (MD)
ACE Aqueous Cherenkov Experiment (mt)
CANON Cherenkov Aparatus for Nucleon decay and Oscillations of Neutrinos (markd)
CAvE Cherenkov Aparatus for neutrino (v) Explorations (markd)
CAvERN Cherenkov Aparatus for neutrino (v) Explorations and Revealing Nucleon decay (markd)
CHARON CHerenkov Apparatus for Research Of Neutrinos (jf)
PLUTON Physics Laboratory Underground To Observe Neutrinos (jf)
NuGOLD Neutrino Galactic Observatory and Long-Baseline Detector (Derived from JStrait by

JSt, RS, MD, SElliot)

Ray Davis, Yoji Totsuka etc. Detector Name it after a person (as the astronomers do) (ks)
SNIB Shooting Neutrinos into Bison (ks)
LEAD Long-baseline Experiment @ Dakota (markv)
ALBEDO A Long Baseline Experiment and Decay Observatory (markv)
RING Ring Imaging Neutrino Goldmine (markv)
RINGLEADER Ring Imaging Neutrino Goldmine Long-baseline Experiment And Decay EvaluatoR (markv)
FTL Fermilab To Lead (plus, Cherenkov light is due to faster-than-light travel... kinda) (markv)
MUSE Massive Underground Symmetry Explorer ek
MUNUSE (myu-nuse) Massive Underground Neutrino and Symmetry Explorer ek
WCD Water Cherenkov Detector (sk)