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WCSim Releases on RACF

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This is mostly notes for myself (bv) on how WCSim releases on RACF are formed. This will be obsoleted once we start doing formal releases in WCSim's SVN.

  • WCSim's SVN is tracked via git.
  • Try to follow the standard X.Y.Z release numbering. Z is bug fixes, Y is major features, X is backward incompatible changes (starting with 0.3.z)
  • Start branch for each X.Y increment called "release-X.Y"
  • Tags on that branch for each Z increment called "release-X.Y.Z"
  • git-archive is used to produce a tarball that lands here (excuse the domain name for now) and is named by the release number
  • new versions are needed to be put in the garpi-lcgcmt in gitosis.