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This topic collects information on running WCSim on RACF. Following this will also set up ROOT and Geant4.

Shared Installation

WCSim + ROOT + Geant4 is installed into AFS using GARPI (see this and this).

AFS Access

To access AFS you need a token. Get this via:


and provide your password. Tokens last for several days. If you command line errors you likely need to refresh your token.

Finding available releases

Currently releases are date-based. To see what releases are available you can list all of the setup scripts:

# Bash
ls /afs/*.sh

# tcsh
ls /afs/*.csh

Environment Setup

To setup your environment for one of the release do, for example:

# for bash
source /afs/

# for tcsh
source /afs/

At this point "WCSim" "root" are in your PATH.

Build Notes

Selection of recent YYYY-MM-DD builds. Most recent release is 2010-06-10. (update this template when new ones are made)

Geant4.9.3p01, ROOT 5.26/00b, WCSim release-0.3.1 (r176)
Geant4.9.2p03, ROOT 5.22/00d, WCSim release-0.2.1 (r172 with 64 bit fix (-fPIC added))

See WCSim Releases on RACF for details of what "release-X.Y.Z" means.

Personal copy of WCSim

You can (and should) develop your own copy of WCSim against the centrally installed ROOT and Geant4. The basic steps are:

  1. source a file
  2. set additional variables as below
  3. build the code as described in this topic

Extra Environment Needed

After sourcing the central release setup script most of the required environment variables will be correctly set for you. You will need to set the following additional ones:

set this to where you want your resulting WCSim executable to be installed. An example:
export G4WORKDIR=$HOME/wcsim   # bash
setenv G4WORKDIR $HOME/wcsim   # tcsh

An alternative suggestion is to set it like

export G4WORKDIR=.   # bash
setenv G4WORKDIR .   # tcsh

which will cause WCSim to be installed in the source directory.

you must set the location to the resulting WCSim to the beginning of your path. Otherwise you will continue to run the version from the central installation.
PATH=$G4WORKDIR/bin/$G4SYSTEM:$PATH               # bash
setenv PATH ${G4WORKDIR}/bin/${G4SYSTEM}:$PATH    # tcsh

As a check, after building WCSim these commands should point to the same executable:

which WCSim