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This meeting will have one talk left over from 4-11 (Nilanga) and focus the rest of the agenda on simulations.

Presentation by Nilanga Liyanage can be found here pdf


Hi all

We once again ran well beyond our alotted time in the discussion, but that as not all bad news since we have a lot to discuss.


Nilanga presented slides on the ongoing work at UVa:

  • GEM Tracking being implemented in Super Big Bite and SoLID.
  • SBB based upon 40/50 cm^2 GEMs w/ APV25 readout.
  • Readouts via Flexible circuits to maximize live area.
  • 4m x 4m clean room...2nd coming soon.
  • Demonstrated 70 micron resolution.

Discussion included the following questions:

  • Position resolution vs angle.
    • Resolution will deteriorate to few hundred microns at ~30-35 degrees.
    • Degradation only along tilt direction (OK for endcaps, possible trouble for barrel).
    • Spherical GEMs exist (likely not useful for us)
  • Current GEM Production Limits
    • Limited by width of kapton roll
    • Length not limited by this.
    • Marcus & co working on large trapezoids (from last week).


There was an open discussion on how to proceed with simulation issues. The general strategy was to identify a so-called Golden Channel measurement that drives the detector performance.

  • Existing studies show that Zeus resolution (0.85% + 0.25% * p) is only marginal!
  • Tracking's GOLDEN CHANNEL is F_L
    • Simulate a detector with seven tracking layers.
    • With perfect position measurement let X_0 vary as:
      • 0.1%, 0.2%, ... 1% per layer
    • Let position resolution (sigma) vary up to 200 microns.
    • Combined results sets the stage for detector parameters.
  • PID's GOLDEN CHANNEL is Delta-s (drives Kaon ID).
    • After much discussion, the decision is to wat for a more specific RICH design to simulate.
    • Klaus will present some thoughts at next week's meeting.


  • Next week we will hear from Klaus on RICH thoughts.
  • Next week we'll hear from Craig & Achim on the RD51 collaboration meeting highlights.

See you next Monday when we'll have a more open discussion about formulating a timeline for our work.

Thanks! Tom