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This meeting will be devoted to the work plan and refinement of the presentation.

The presentation can be found here: pptx pdf


Hi all

Today we spent time on some very sketchy slides in preparation for next Monday's presentation. We also scheduled that on Thursday @ 3:30 PM we would have a look at a version that is closer to what we need.


  • Mention pixel efforts at BNL on slide describing BNL work.
  • Turn around the talk to add the physics first.
    • Describe how F_L drives the momentum resolution
    • Describe how Delta-s drives the kaon ID.
  • Add a bulleted list of simulation milestones:
    • Decisions about TPC vs. GEMs.
    • Select working radiators with B-insensitive focal plane for RICH
    • Measure limits on Ring Radius Resolution from Mul-scat & field bending
    • Learn material & position resolution limits in fwd direction
    • Determine performance of proximity-focus RICH for barrel section.
  • Compress non-budgeted institutions onto a single slide.


  • Each person who is asked for help on slides should provide it.
    • Nilange 2 slides.
    • Marcus 1 slide.
    • Craig 1 slide.
  • Elke will provide 3-4 physics introduction slides and some backups.
  • Klaus will arrange the phone line for Thursday.

See you Thursday!

Thanks! Tom