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Meeting to Discuss Next Proposal Steps

  • Seed grants issue: did the funding arrive at the various institutions?
  • Topics for proposal?
  • Continuing work to be done for proposal.
  • AOB.

NOTE: Based on the Doodle poll for moving our regular meeting time, it was decided that we will meet from now on Mondays, from 3:30PM - 5:30PM (EDT/EST).
We will have our next meeting on Monday, Sep 12, from 3:30PM - 5:30PM (Labor day on Sep 05).


  • Some of our groups that were requesting funding from BNL were contacted by BNL, some other did not yet got information about it. The funding ball is now rolling. It was mentioned that the fiscal year 2011 will finish today and the distribution of the funds might be delayed due to the workload of the financial department at BNL.
  • Marcus and Craig received Gerber-files for the 1D and 2D strip r/o PCB layout of the CERN standard ("LEGO") 10x10 cm^2 detectors from Rui (CERN) and will hand them over to the workshop at BNL so that they can be adapted for zigzag strip readout board.
  • A "search" for Lego-GEM detectors was initiated.
  • Dick and Nikolai are investigating readout boards with 800 um strip pitch: this would give ~100 um space point resolution. It was suggested to try to design and produce the strip-pad and the Chevron-pad readout in one batch. It was mentioned that 3D strip-readout requires technically a strip pitch of >= 600 um.

(The minutes might be incomplete.)

  • It was discussed that we will not produce a new proposal for the next R&D round, but rather to prepare a detailed progress report and requesting money for simulation work.