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  • Discussion of simulation update (see link above)
  • Z-E Meziani & JP Chen have joined the Cherenkov efforts and plan with us to do a joint test beam experiment.
  • Chuck Pancake (Stony Brook) has been identified as a person to help speed up the production of zig-zag readout planes.

Chuck is busy (weeks-month time line) and sp we'll attempt to find student help to further speed the process.

The following outline of our paper is forming:

  • Introduction
    • What we promised.
    • Collaboration Status.
  • Simulation Efforts
    • Achieved so far.
      • Smear
      • Synchrotron Radiation
      • FAIR-Root framework.
    • Roadmap for future effort
  • Hardware
    • For each of the efforts promised about one page discussing:
      • When money arrived.
      • What's achieved SINCE money arrived.
      • Next Immediate Plans
      • Developments that may require small additional funding.
  • Budget
  • Summary