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EIC Tracking R&D Meetings: Mondays 9:00am - 11:00pm

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Link to the previous meeting: https://wiki.bnl.gov/eic/index.php/RD-2017-11-13

Link to all previous meetings: https://wiki.bnl.gov/eic/index.php/Eic-rd-meeting

Kondo (chair); Alexander, Bob, Craig, Klaus, Marcus, Martin, Matt, Silvia, Yuxiang

Next EIC Detector R&D Committee Meeting

  • Kondo reminds everybody that the next EIC R&D Committee meeting (Jan,18-19 at BNL) is approaching and reports are usually due 4 weeks in advance. Silvia suggests that the materials are sent out early enough so that everybody could digest them and make comments. Kondo says it would make sense to follow the "best practices" document, which Tom put together some months ago. Everybody look through the document and Marcus notices that we are already late with the report preparations.
  • There is a short discussion about next Consortium meetings schedule prior to Jan,18. The agreement is that the next two meetings take place on Dec,11 and Dec,18.
  • Silvia suggests that the document draft is distributed before the next meeting. Marcus proposes to set Friday Dec,8 as a deadline for submission of group reports to Kondo. Everybody agree.
  • Silvia asks what do we use this time as a template. Kondo reminds that we wanted to switch from MS Word to Latex. One of the options is to use overleaf site for collaborative work on document editing. Martin and Marcus discuss the overleaf features for a while. Martin reminds that it was used for sPHENIX CDR and was good enough in general, although it may be more convenient to store local copies of latex files (or use git; edit file(s); then submit). Concurrent editing possibility in overleaf may in fact be a downside, but as long as the document is structured in a way people access different source files it should be fine (use \input{file} in the master document). Marcus asks about overleaf limitations. Martin says sPHENIX CDR was ~200 pages long with several pictures and it worked fine. Kondo asks whether Martin can provide a template. Martin is busy but promised to work on it, in particular to start setting up a source file with common definitions. Marcus asks what about pictures. Martin replies that one can upload them to overleaf. Everybody agree that it would also be nice to have a shared source file with bibtex paper references. Klaus reminds that in MS Word this was not an option at all (citations inserted by hand), so whatever we have in overleaf will be an improvement. At the end Martin asks for any input and promises to set up a document skeleton.
  • Marcus asks whether other groups submitted their paperwork to get R&D money. Klaus replies SBU did a week ago, but there is no reply yet. Marcus asks whether Silvia received FY17 money. Silvia replies that eventually she did, but have not spent the money yet and until then does not want to start the bureaucratic procedure for FY18 money request in order not to confuse the system.
  • Kondo summarizes this part of the meeting: Dec,8 is the deadline for group report submission; then we have meetings on Dec,11 and Dec,18. He also reminds people that we wanted to rotate the presenters for the Committee meetings, but surprisingly enough no volunteers are found this time.

EIC Detector Discussion meeting in Temple on Nov,30-Dec,2

  • Kondo asks who is going to go. It turns out not too many people will do. Silvia makes a request that next time these meetings are announced well in advance and also suggests that it would be good if somebody makes a summary for our Dec,11 meeting.
  • Marcus suggests Alexander to show in his presentation the Tracking Consortium cartoon with the anticipated EIC tracker, which was worked out during our Temple meeting in May. Alexander agrees. Marcus asks about Blue Jeans connection. Matt says they will try to set it up.

Progress at UVa (Kondo)

  • A week ago Kondo was in Temple for 3 days to do optical scan of the Cr-GEM prototype. Matt was of great help. It turned out that Cr reflection (with Cu removed) is not sufficient to reliable measure hole diameters. Kondo may want to ask for RD51 help and sent them the samples already.
  • Marcus asks whether the large scanning station is fully functional. Matt replies "yes" and also confirms that there is no plexiglass sheet used any longer, but a heavier glass for pressing the foil down to the table, so the picture does not go out of focus at the edges. The setup is fully automated, can run 24h a day unattended and in general one large foil scan takes a day per one side per one focus setting (either on Cu edge or on kapton "rim").

Progress at FIT (Marcus)

  • Marcus reports that they work on the next prototype: ordered Alu foil (and it is shipped already); students work on the frames; also ordered HV dividers from Rui since it appeared to be much cheaper. The plan is to start the assembly in January. The estimate for Cr-GEM rad.thickness is ~0.2% X/X0 (would be ~0.45 with Cu and ~0.6% with Cu + honeycomb support a la COMPASS GEM).

Progress at BNL (Bob)

  • Bob reports they are preparing 3 different detectors for the March'2018 beam test at FNAL: 1) cosmic ray telescope (4 GEM layers; must be ready in ~2 weeks), 2) TPC prototype in the new enclosure (although rumours are Tom may want to arrange a small cylindrical TPC prototype test himself), 3) micro-drift 4-GEM stack with the multi-pattern laser etched zigzags in order to experimentally scan the parameter space. They hope to place the order to TTM this week. They are also setting up a separate TSW for their test runs at FTBF with Mandy.
  • Bob also mentions work on the TNS paper. Marcus suggests one more iteration is required. Bob confirms that he will also redo the pictures.

Progress at SBU (Klaus)

  • Klaus says one piece is still missing for the mirror production facility; once it is acquired, everything will be in place.

Progress at Temple (Matt)

  • Matt also mentions Cr-GEM scans; no other recent activities to report


  • Yuxiang suggests to make links to the previous meeting in the minutes. Kondo agrees.
  • Marcus suggests it would be a good idea to send out e-mail to the list once minutes are available. No objections either. Meeting adjourns.