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Kondo, Bob, Craig, Martin, Klaus, Matt, Nikolai

Progress at BNL (Bob, Craig, Martin)

  • Back from beam test with overall good data collection specially on the last days after a shaky start.
  • Have production issues with the two multi pattern (~100) zigzag readout boards prototypes. Craig: The two zz boards one produced by a US company (TTM) and the other by a French company (ELVIA).
  • Both boards have a large amounts of issues (shorts) in most of the zz patterns meaning that laser etching technique still has along way to go but a few patterns including the ideal geometry were good enough to provide good test beam data. Analysis is ongoing.
  • Test done with all GEMs amplification and combination GEM Micromegas (GEN-MM). Expected significant degradation of the resolution with the GEM-MM prototype because of the MM pillars (electric field distortion around the pillars)
  • Nikolay reminds of his bad experience when combining GEM-MM and zz readout. zigzag tips amplify the tip distortion issues and makes it even less reliable, also destroy dE/dx.
  • Bob confirms observation of gain non uniformity with test beam data with GEM-MM affect energy resolution but should not matter for position resolution

Progress at FIT

Progress at INFN Trieste

Progress at SBU (Klaus)

  • Progress on the mirror: Same situation, receive last piece of equipment, the motor that goes inside the wall of the evacuator has to be installed without breaking the vacuum.
  • March - April test beam was cancelled rescheduled in May
  • Will also join the FTBF test beam in June-July
  • Klaus shows pictures of the TPC prototype inner field cage and describe the fabrication procedure

Progress at UVa (Kondo)

  • EIC weeklyMeeting20180409.pptx
  • Presents the progress at UVa concerning the construction of the Large GEM prototype. Low cost frames parts production completed, sand and glue to the gas window foils. Mechanical stretcher for EIC GEM prototype production at minimal cost completed: Modification of existing stretcher for PRad GEMs. Still waiting for high cost frames from RESARM: they are 2 months behind schedule which is usual for them. Upon reception of the RESARM frames, we can start the assembly ⇨ Minimum 4 weeks including preliminary test of the chamber
  • Shows sketch of the prototype for multi-TPC for the TDIS experiment at JLab Hall A. Craig raised questions about the readout plane and issues such as cooling, services etc .. which are not yest addressed by the current design a these early stage of the R&D project

Progress at Temple U. (Matt)