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EIC Tracking R&D Meetings: Mondays 9:30am - 11:00pm


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Link to the previous meeting: https://wiki.bnl.gov/eic/index.php/RD-2018-11-12

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Alexander, Bob, Klaus, Kondo, Martin, Matt, Silvia 


  • Preparation of the progress report for next EIC committee Meeting on January 24-25, 2019.
    • Report due Friday December 28, 2018.
  • We discuss briefly about the preparation of the report. Kondo will send out the Overleaf/LateX template soon
  • We will have a quick meeting next week (Monday same time) to go through technical issue with the template if any
  • We agree to have a first draft of the document ready in 2 weeks to be discussed at the Monday 10, December meeting
    • So each institute will have to get its sections ready for that meeting on Monday 10.
  • Candidate for eRD6 presenter at the January meeting: Reluctant volunteers (Kondo, Matt, Bob)
    • Matt will need to check his availability with his teaching duties, but if there is no one available he could fill that role
    • Bob is local and is also willing to do it if there is no one else
    • Kondo will do it if Bob, Matt or nobody else is available for it
    • Silvia can not do it this time because of travel constraints.

Progress at BNL (Bob)

  • Finalize analysis of zigzag R/O test beam and present them at the IEEE NSS conference
    • Things goes well overall
  • Shift gear now, preparing for the next text beam in March/April 2019 with asYa much as 8 small MPGD prototypes
    • Various ZZ patterns and detector technologies (GEM, MM-GEM hybrids, uRWELL...) to be tested
  • Ongoing R&D on TPC-C with Yale group
    • 10x10x10 Field cage to be tested with various amplification technologies (GEM, MM-GEM hybrids, uRWELL)and various ZZ patterns
    • Not at the test beam this time, probably later
  • Alexander: Their uRWELL with ZZ readout from CERN has been completed ad shipped. They will receive it soon

Progress at FIT (Marcus)

  • No update from FIT. Marcus has other duties, could not attend our meeting

Progress at INFN Trieste (Silvia)

  • Test beam campaign at CERN completed. Overall successful from first look at the data online
    • Though at the end (last day) were unlucky with no beam from CERN when there setup tuning was at its optimal
    • But good data overall
  • Now data analysis just started. Expected very preliminary results for Xmas for the report

Progress at SBU (Klaus)

  • Ongoing activity on the modification of the evaporator
  • Progress on the studies of Meta material: Had an undergrad student to look at some of the results SBU present before on the topic
    • Student was able to reproduce some of the results which is very encouraging
  • Meeting with the expert on Meta material scheduled for the past Monday was unexpectedly cancelled. They are hopeful they would be able to reschedule the meeting later

Progress at UVa (Kondo)

  • Show preliminary results on residual studies from June-July 2018 test beam (see slides below)
  • EIC weeklyMeeting20181126.pptx
  • Comments from Silvia on possible explanation on the high residual distribution width in Y for EIC-FT-GEM
    • alignment issues more precisely rotation of the chamber relative to the trackers. I am going to look into this
  • Question from Alexander on which direction (x or y) has the induced signal to see if any correlation with the slight difference between sigma in x and y => looking into that as well

Progress at Temple U. (Matt)

  • Update on Kapton spacer based triple-GEM prototype
    • Gas leak check was performed and the chamber is now gas tight
    • Next step is to check for leakage current, then connect the divider and apply HV and look at cosmic
    • Plan is to show some cosmic signal for the report
  • After the cosmic test of this prototype, they start building the second prototype
    • Have not decide yet if they will have Kapton ring or straight spacers
  • On the simulation side: Matt is getting back to this part this week. Will look at simulating hit in the uRWELL layers