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EIC Tracking R&D Meetings: Mondays 9:00am - 11:00pm


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 Alexander, Bob, Craig, Kondo, Martin, Marcus, Silvia ... 


  • Silvia will discuss the advantage to have tracking detector as seed behind the RICH

Progress at BNL (Alexander, Bob, Martin, Craig)

  • Martin: DREAM electronic incorporated into RCDAQ. Test the system with real detector this coming week in preparation for the FNAL Test beam in 2 weeks from now
  • Alexander: Discuss the preparation of the FNAL test beam in March. Plan is to study up to 12 prototypes with various configuration of readout board and amplification technique (GEM, MM, uRWELL),
  • Plan to measure uRWELL at various angles and also promise to provide a list / table of all these different detector configuration been tested at the FNAL test beam The effort and the subsequent test beam is essentially LDRD funding (not eRD6), however the R&D has strong synergy with eRD6 activities and will greatly benefit our overall effort
  • Bob: report on the progress on the X-Ray setup at BNL. Initial design has a plastic (PEEK material) window that unfortunately absorb all he x-ray photon < 20 keV which is the range of interest. Was replace with an new setup using beryllium window and in addition the X-Ray source is about 50% more powerful. So when the installation is complete, one can expect high rate and high resolution (collimator slit < 20 micron) so that a 10x10 chamber can be fully scan within an hour instead of a day, thus avoiding issue with gain variation with time (T/P)
  • MPGD209: BNL has one talk on the LDRD activities/test beam, one overview talk on eRD6 R&D effort (Bob) and one poster on uRWELL and MM development

Progress at FIT (Marcus)

  • uRWELL prototype: Gas leak improvement - now optimized but still 50% leak. Will go ahead with it and start testing the chamber
  • Large GEM prototype: Cut all the PEEK pieces needed for the stretcher. The detector where open and they are in the process of redo the assembly with the new pieces
  • Marcus reminds that one of the motivation for the change is also to increase the gap between layer from 1 mm (CMS design) to 2 mm (COMPASS design) to minimize the risk of short that the group struggle with at the FNAL test beam in July 2018
  • Simulation: Ashot (Marcus student) made some good progress in implementing Inner (before RICH detector) and Outer (after RICH detector) Forward GEM layers into the simulation and produce momentum resolution results, however he still has some difficulties with the simulation specially with additional layers there are some glitches with the tracking that Alexander promise to take a look at and help the FIT crew with

Progress at INFN Trieste (Silvia)

  • Analysis of the October 2018 test beam data is still ongoing. Pad size of the current tested miniaturized pads readout prototype is 3 mm x 3 mm.
  • To improve spatial resolution (ring imaging resolution) the group does not anticipate reducing pad size any further. Small pads mean some technical mechanical challenges as well as increase of the number of electronic channels to readout (not ideal approach)
  • The group ins looking at other options such as larger size (10 mm x 10 mm for example) resistive pad with for electrodes on the side or corner
  • MPGD2019: INFN has 2 posters presentation - one the development of the miniaturized pads readout and a second on the studies of nano diamond, photocathode. In addition the group has two oral presentation on non directly related eRD6 activities (COMPASS RICH and HV system development)

Progress at SBU (Klaus)

Progress at UVa (Kondo)

  • UVa uRWELL prototype in test beam in hall D at JLab
  • MPGD2019: UVa has one oral talk on GEM-TRD eRD22 and a poster on SBS GEM commissioning at JLab. Our abstract on the eRD6 Forward GEM and Cylindrical uRWELL development was no accepted for a talk or poster

Progress at Temple U. (Matt)