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*[[Primordial Partonic kt | Parton (especially gluon) kt and correlations]]
*[[Primordial Partonic kt | Parton (especially gluon) kt and correlations]]
*[[nPDFs | Nuclear Parton Distribution Functions]]
*[[nPDFs | Nuclear Parton Distribution Functions]]

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This page will contain analysis details and is updated continously

How to get started with DIS

Papers and other Documents to get started with DIS


Some detailed links

  • a nice article on the running of apha_s
  Experimental tests of asymptotic freedom.
  Siegfried Bethke (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) 
  Published in Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys.58:351-386,2007.
  e-Print: hep-ex/0606035 http://arXiv.org/pdf/hep-ex/0606035
  • Just in case you need a parametrisation for alphas here is a very nice article
  Parametrization of the QCD coupling in the Evolution Equations.
  B.I. Ermolaev (Cracow, INP & Ioffe Phys. Tech. Inst.) , S.I. Troyan (St. Petersburg, INP) . May 2008. 9pp. 
  Published in Phys.Lett.B666:256-261,2008. 
  e-Print: arXiv:0805.2278 [hep-ph] http://arXiv.org/pdf/0805.2278
  • There are two very nice unpolarized evolution packages available on the web:
    • QCD-PEGASUS by Andreas Vogt (can be downloaded from his Liverpool homepage) The paper is hep-ph/0408244.
    • HOPPET by Gavin Salam, which you can find here http://projects.hepforge.org/hoppet

Radiative Corrections
this is a link to an email describing radiative corrections [email-link]

Results from different golden measurements at an eRHIC

Statistical Tests

Error Propagation