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* Ramiro Debbe
* Ramiro Debbe
*  Jamie Dunlop
*  Jamie Dunlop
*      [mailto:sfazio@bnl.gov Salvatore Fazio]
*  Wlodek Guryn
*  Wlodek Guryn
* Ed Kistenev
* Ed Kistenev

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The BNL Task Force for the EIC is led by:

  • Elke Aschenauer: elke<AT>bnl.gov
  • Thomas Ullrich: thomas.ullrich<AT>bnl.gov

Other members of the task force are:

Consulting Theorists

  • Raju Venugopalan
  • Werner Vogelsang
  • Jianwei Qiu

We also have a number of undergrad students working with us, who are:

  • William Foreman
  • Caitlin Harper
  • Anders Kirleis
  • Michael Savastio
  • Peter Schnatz
  • Owen Vail