Event Display

Tips and Tricks

To load and scan through events, click on "FairEventManager" in the top left corner box of the display. Then in the toggle box below, click on the "Info" tab. Then go to the "Current Event" textbox and either type the desired event number or click on the up and down arrows to scan through each event.

To add an axis to be able to see the dimensions in the event display, click on the Guides tab when the event display first opens. Then scroll down to the "axes" menu and select the display option with the radio button (None, Edge, or Origin). Another useful option under the guides tab is the "Reference Marker". Just go to that section of the menu, enter the (x, y, z) position and then click the toggle button "Show" to show the marker.

To show objects in wire frame view: Simply hit "w" on the keyboard to get objects to be displayed as a wire frame rather than a solid object.