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Getting Started

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If you are new to BNL

Please follow the following steps to get an account at the BNL computer facility RACF a great summary is here https://www.sdcc.bnl.gov/#accounts

To access the BNL computing facilities and to have physical access to the site one needs to get registered as a user at the BNL "Guest, User & Visitor Center" https://www.bnl.gov/guv/
As host please put either Thomas Ullrich or Elke-Caroline Aschenauer
Once you have the guest accreditation a RACF account can be obtained by following the instructions at https://www.racf.bnl.gov/experiments/rhic/useraccounts
click on Computer Account Request Form

On the poping up form please put
Elke-Caroline Aschenauer as contact person
Select main group as RHIC and for select group put EIC

Older Documentation

An older "getting started" guide, partially obsolete.