IR Design Requirements

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This page discusses the requirements imposed by the EIC physics on the IR design.
The following requirements will be discussed in more detail below

  1. the detection of neutrons of nuclear break up in the outgoing hadron beam direction
  2. the detection of the scattered protons from exclusive and diffractive reaction in the outgoing proton beam direction
  3. the beam element free region around the IR and the requirements on the magnetic field of the detector
  4. space for low Q2 scattered lepton detection
  5. space for the luminosity monitor in the outgoing lepton beam direction
  6. space for lepton polarimetry

Breakup Neutrons

For exclusive and diffractive reactions in e-A scattering it is essential to detect the neutron of the nuclear break up in the direction of the outgoing beam. The figure below shows the scattering angle distribution for breakup neutrons from a gold nucleus for different excitation energies of the nucleus.


These distributions lead to the requirement of a angular acceptance of +/- 3mrad to allow to detect these neutrons in the ZDC

Scattered protons

Detector Space and Magnetic Field

low Q2-tagger

Luminosity Monitor

Lepton polarimetry