Background/Signal fraction in the Charm selection

Plot RedCrossSecMinLog.png
Plot F2MinLog.png
Plot RedCrossSecMinLog charm.png
Plot F2MinLog charm.png
Plot FL global.png
Plot FL Charm global.png
Plot FLerrors global.png
Plot FLerrors Charm global.png
Plot 5x50BkgroundFrac 1.png
Plot 5x50BkgroundFrac 2.png
Plot 5x100BkgroundFrac 1.png
Plot 5x100BkgroundFrac 2.png
Plot 20x100BkgroundFrac 1.png
Plot 20x100BkgroundFrac 2.png

Selection efficiency of charm production events

Plot 5x50CharmEfficiency 1.png
Plot 5x50CharmEfficiency 2.png
Plot 5x100CharmEfficiency 1.png
Plot 5x100CharmEfficiency 2.png
Plot 20x100CharmEfficiency 1.png
Plot 20x100CharmEfficiency 2.png

Study of radiative corrections

Plot 20x100 RadCorr vs rap.png
Plot 20x100 RadCorr vs rap v2.png
Plot radPhoton energy zoom.png
Plot radPhoton theta.png
Plot radPhoton phi.png