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PEPSI (Polarised Electron Proton Scattering Interactions) [[#Ref1|[1]]] is a Monte Carlo generator for polarised deep inelastic scattering (pDIS). It is based on the [http://www.isv.uu.se/thep/lepto/ LEPTO] 4.3 Monte Carlo for unpolarised DIS.
This page is now maintained at [https://eic.github.io/software/pepsi.html https://eic.github.io/software/pepsi.html].
==Parton distribution functions==
The distribution function to use in polarised leptoproduction is set via the variable <tt>LST(15)</tt> in the LEPTO <tt>COMMON</tt> block <tt>/LEPTOU/</tt>. [[PEPSI-pdf | Tables 1 and 2]] list internal allowed values of <tt>LST(15)</tt> for polarised and unpolarised distributions respectively.
Pepsi is linked with the pdflib such all PDFs included in there can be used by setting <tt>LST(15)</tt> to the respective PDF-ID
<span id="Ref1">(1)</span> ''"PEPSI - a Monte Carlo generator for polarized leptoproduction"'', L. Mankiewicz, A. Sch&auml;fer and M. Veltri, Comp. Phys. Comm. '''71''', 305-318 (1992).

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This page is now maintained at https://eic.github.io/software/pepsi.html.