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PEPSI (Polarised Electron Proton Scattering Interactions) [1] is a Monte Carlo generator for polarised deep inelastic scattering (pDIS). It is based on the LEPTO 4.3 Monte Carlo for unpolarised DIS.

Parton distribution functions

The distribution function to use in polarised leptoproduction is set via the variable LST(15) in the LEPTO COMMON block /LEPTOU/. Tables 1 and 2 list internal allowed values of LST(15) for polarised and unpolarised distributions respectively.

Pepsi is linked with the pdflib such all PDFs included in there can be used by setting LST(15) to the respective PDF-ID


(1) "PEPSI - a Monte Carlo generator for polarized leptoproduction", L. Mankiewicz, A. Schäfer and M. Veltri, Comp. Phys. Comm. 71, 305-318 (1992).