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<pre>Kondo, </pre>
<pre>Alexander, Kondo, Matt P., Matt B. </pre>
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=== Progress at Temple U. ===
=== Progress at Temple U. ===
*[[Media:ERD6-uRWell-Disk-Mom-Study-09292018.pdf|ERD6-uRWell-Disk-Mom-Study-09292018.pdf]] (Matt P.)
=== AOB ===
=== AOB ===

Latest revision as of 20:24, 24 September 2018

EIC Tracker Simulation Meetings: Every other Mondays 9:30am - 11:00pm


To join the meeting on a computer or mobile phone: https://bluejeans.com/703875605

Want to test your video connection? http://bluejeans.com/111


Connecting directly from a room system?

1) Dial: or bjn.vc

2) Enter Meeting ID: 703875605


Just want to dial in on your phone?

1) +1.408.740.7256 (US)

+1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free)

+1.408.317.9253 (Alternate number)


2) Enter Meeting ID: 703875605 3) Press #

Link to the previous meeting: https://wiki.bnl.gov/eic/index.php/RD-2018-09-06

Link to all previous meetings: https://wiki.bnl.gov/eic/index.php/Eic-rd-meeting

Alexander, Kondo, Matt P., Matt B. 

Progress at FIT

Progress at Temple U.