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  • Slides by Akio pptx
  • Slides by Sean pptx
  • additional info emails by Craig and Oleg on latest papers on SiPm radiation damage pdf attached files to Craig's email file-1, file-2, file-3

Meeting Info:

Title: SiPM Radiation Hardness
Community: EIC
Meeting type: Open Meeting (Round Table)

Meeting Access Information:
SeeVoghRN Application http://research.seevogh.com/joinSRN?meeting=MsMiMI2u2BDMDu9l99Dt9s
WebStart (Java) http://research.seevogh.com/join?meeting=MsMiMI2u2BDMDu9l99Dt9s
Mobile App : Meeting ID: 699 9315 or Link: http://research.seevogh.com/join?meeting=MsMiMI2u2BDMDu9l99Dt9s

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ID: 699 9315