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The ECCE editorial process has begun, as of October 2021. A few tips are included here.

ECCE document review on GitHub You will find the links to the release pages on the ECCE Document DB. If you need access, please send your GitHub username and the document name (note, proposal, etc.) to and you will be added to the relevant document.

  1. Start at the link sent for the particular release
  2. Look up a little click on “Issues”
  3. Click on the green “New Issue” button
  4. Add a title like “Richard Milner comments on v0.9"
  5. In the “write” section you can add your text comments
  6. Conversely (or in addition) you can just drag your PDF to the same window.
  7. Click on the green "submit new issue”, and boom - an issue is submitted!

Full author list

  1. We are currently working on making a full ECCE author list in NIM format on Overleaf. Contact if you want to the edit information.
  2. This list should be finalized in the coming weeks (i.e. May 2022).

How to post a draft for review:

  1. Prepare PDF for release
    Workflow to sync overleaf to GitHub
    1. Just in case it's not obvious: PLEASE SYNC OVERLEAF WITH GITHUB AGAIN (see the workflow to the right!)
    2. Recompile PDF
    3. Provide the version number on the title page under the note number. Version 1.0 will be the released version so early versions should be 0.1-0.4, and nearly-ready should be 0.8 or 0.9. Please do not re-use version numbers.
    4. Check title page
    5. Check author list, institutions, abstract
    6. Check note number (need to finalize this)
    7. Skim to make sure figures are showing up, centered, etc.
    8. Once everything is OK, please download the file and add the version number to the filename, e.g. “ecce-note-phys-2021-01_v0.9.pdf”
  2. Go to the GitHub repository main page and click on “create a new release”
  3. Click on “choose a tag”
    1. Type the tag from above as "v0.9" and then click on “+Create new tag” (very important - this actually sets the tag to be created)
  4. Give release a descriptive title, e.g. “v0.9 release” and maybe describe the release a bit, for historical purposes
  5. Drag the downloaded PDF into the “attach binaries” (always remember that the latex is the “code” and the PDF is the “binary”)
  6. Click on “this is a pre-release”
  7. Then click “publish release”

ECCE document review reply:

The reply procedure should be that the authors will reply line by line to yours, using the quote reply mechanism (located in the “…” at the upper right, next to the smiley)

  1. If you are happy, then please post a short comment “I am satisfied and sign off on this, as a reviewer”
  2. If you are not, then please continue to ask questions.
  3. I think I’ll take the responsibility of closing the issues, but we’ll see if it’s possible for me to close one posted by you.