Miami Meeting Preparations

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Discussion Items for the DWG (please add/edit)

Introductory slides for the points below will be provided by groups listed in ()

  • (TBD) Integration issues
  • having some types of DIRC and also having full coverage of EMCal and tracking
  • (TBD) Continue discussion on material budget
    • Include detector dead areas defined by services
  • (TBD) Configurations correlated with the magnet (bore, field, etc.) - what is really needed?
  • pro/con for different magnets
  • (TBD) Background level - short presentation on where things are
  • (Complementarity WG) Path towards complementarity
  • (DAQ/Electronics WG) Data rates (background + signal) - need filter or not?
    • A.C. : we still need to obtain from some DWGs the estimate concerning the number of channels to read, the expected rate per channel, the information to read.
    • A.C. : the contribution from detectors-related noise can be significant. This doesn't necessary scale with luminosity, and will depend on the actual environment in the EIC detector.
    • Determine the hit rate in the VTX layers of the tracking detectors including background. 
    • Determine the radiation dose in the VTX layers of the tracking detectors in both TID and NIEL.
  • (DWG Conveners) Path towards "full detector simulations"
    • include baseline geometry defined from each detector group in the EIC toy model
  • (DWG Conveners) Detector matrix review and moving the needle forward
  • Other/additional topics

Questions and requests to the PWG (please add/edit)

  • What is the plan to come from smeared spectra, which takes our current best knowledge of the detector performance into account to true detector performance requirements
    • in a std. real analysis one would unfold the measured spectra for smearing effects, unfolding is of course not in the cards as we do not have a full Geant MC ready yet. So the question is can we define a method to estimate the effect unfolding will have.
  • What detectors are needed? - concrete requirements
    • Need specific performance/acceptance requirements for each detector (perhaps a table?)
  • yield vs eta or theta of the different physics process. Examples Below: