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The EIC Theory Working Group

We solicit overarching questions/topics from the EIC community for discussions involving both theorists and experimentalists. Please submit questions for the EIC User Group's Theoretical Physics Working Group using this google form. Any input is welcome, thank you for your help!

Alessandro Bacchetta (Pavia), Wim Cosyn (FIU), Felix Ringer (ODU/JLab), Anna Stasto (Penn State)

Topics and open questions

In the following, we summarize different topics and open questions that have recently been discussed in the community.

QED Radiative corrections

Different approaches have been proposed in the literature. For example, there are parton showers based on the work by Akhundov et al. and Mo et al.,which have been used to account for QED effects on the experimental side. Numerical results can be found in the work by Badelek et al. Recently, an alternative approach was proposed by Liu et al. Here radiative corrections are accounted for on the theory side. There have been several recent workshops at CFNS, Duke, and Trento.

Polarized Bethe-Heitler process

Understanding the elastic ep scattering process is important to monitor the EIC luminosity. A calculation of the relevant cross section was performed by Afanasev et al. New numerical computations are needed for the EIC.

Diffractive minima in eA scattering

The measurement of diffractive minima in eA scattering will be an important measurement at the future EIC. There are quantitative questions about the location of the minima and whether they can be washed out to some degree in eA collisions.

Studies of the crossing angle at the EIC

There have been several dedicated meetings in 2021. Different simulation tools are available, which are being explored further.