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This page has not been updated for a long time because the development of the cnipol had moved to github:

To do (proposed)

  • enable detector 4 in Yel2 (run.db change...)
  • check limits for Gaussian fit of polarization profile
  • investigate crashes on earlier data with small number of events, e.g. run 14802.001
  • change root tree file creation procedure
  • give names to parameters
  • add online make process to the overall makefile
  • Increase labels font (also move signature up)
  • Adjust axis scales: polarization, profile, etc
  • Rename RunInfo to MeasurementInfo to reflect the actual (for measurement)
  • test online code after changing the compiling procedure
  • investigate crashes on 15200.206


  • Committed revision 1623


  • In the online part of the code:
    • Improved the management of the log file
    • The measurement type is now supported and saved in raw data file. Can get it from command line option -T and CDEV


  • Removed all scale factors from the code. They will be applied directly on the DB results
  • Better management of MySQL connections


  • Added possibility for saving pulser histograms from empty bunches
  • Noise and pulser data from empty bunches is subtracted from data from filled bunches
  • Changed proto cuts for Y2U (pol=3) from adcmin=30 adcmax=180 tdcmin=0 tdcmax=72 to adcmin=30 adcmax=210 tdcmin=0 tdcmax=78. Based on 15202.302


  • Now save maximum polarization from the P vs I fit in AnaResult


  • Fixed the bug related to target orientation


  • Introduced a bug related to target orientation. Some H targets are reported as V ones
  • Automatically disable 90 degree detectors for horizontal targets
  • Improved control of active and disabled channels
  • Added a unique identifier (the suffix option) to allow for easier management of multiple output from the same data analysis
  • Added an option to disable channels for specified detectors


  • The Average TOF length is used to fit the all-channel combined banana data


  • The average analyzing power is (rougly) scaled back to the level of 100 GeV value. The change is dictated by the scaling to H-jet results. Each polarimeter has its own scale factor
  • Added signature to saved plots
  • Another attempt to get rid of global variables is made by hiding them in the EventConfig class (aka RunConfig)
  • New class RunConfig for storing global run information
  • Many good histograms in MAsym...
  • Cleaner use of global variable ndelim


  • Implemented constructors for some of the old structures. Made code much cleaner


  • Removed the remnants using the text run database (run.db)
  • Created an SQL table with run periods for easier tracking of calibration runs and disabled channels/bunches. The corresponding class is MseRunPeriods
  • Fixed another bug related to histogram being offset by 1 bin in CnipolProfileHists::Fill
  • Redefined the criteria determining the measurement type. Now if the number of step at the same intensity is more than 33% then the measurement is fixed


  • Implemented communication with MySQL database
  • Implemented measurement type. Simple criteria: if 10% of maximum intensity is collected within 1/3 of the total time then the type is sweep, fixed otherwise
  • Fixed a division by zero bug in CnipolProfileHists::Fill
  • The package now depends on some files containing useful utilities a in local directory ~dsmirnov/root_macros/utils. Not good... Has to be addressed somehow


  • Restored Igor's changes lost in online/rhic2hbook/ rhic2hbook.f and ramp.kumac


  • Modified building procedure for online/. It is now compiled with C++ and ROOT libraries. Some improvements in makefiles
  • Fixed permissions for root tree output files
  • Added more checks for verifying existing calibration files
  • Significantly updated the structure of the package, new classes, better management of global varables, simplified makefile


  • Calculated the R parameter - the ratio of the intensity and polarization profiles
  • Added polarization vs intensity histogram/graph in the profiles container
  • Constrained the polarization value to be within 0 and 1 in the strip asymmetry fits. The negative polarization values should be taken care of by the phase parameter
  • Converged on run.db and made appropriate adjustments in AsymRunDb
    • Separated run DB classes: new class DbEntry
  • Fixed permissions of the log file stdoe.log such that it is also group writable
  • Fixed a bug in fitting the binned beam polarization profile in standardized coordinates
  • The offline part of the package (in src/) now uses the same headers as the online part (online/include)
  • Added an option to copy the results to the server. See the --copy option
  • Changed rectangular cuts to a linearly dependent one for the noise in raw data
  • Updated DB file (run.db) so that runs taken with the downstream DAQ outside the tunnel use the appropriate energy calibration files


  • Default output file permission is 0775. Users within the same group are allowed to overwrite files
  • Added profile histograms in unified distance units, i.e. the width of the intensity profile is 1
  • Fixed most of the warnings coming from HBOOK routines (const string to char* conversion)
  • By default redirected standard output and error streams to a log file (see -l, --log options)
  • The --profile mode now also assumes the --target mode as information from the latter is required
  • Adjusted timing in online configuration files to move the banana back to the window. Only Y1D is changed. The parameters are now closer to Y2U
  • Added Igor's fix in rhicpol to exit gracefully when the stop button in PolarControl is clicked


  • Minor changes


  • Minor changes


  • A new correction factor of 0.823 is now introduced for p-C polarization in both online and offline frameworks
  • The plots are now being save automatically at the end of analysis
  • Adjusted cuts for BD and YD to cut away the noise in the bottom lower corner of the integration window
  • Only saved plots are displayed on the run summary webpage
  • In alpha mode fixed a bug
  • The output directory has write permission for group


  • The standard Run9 analyzing power is used to calculate the final polarization at = 500 GeV (i.e. the polarization calculated is NOT scaled by 15% with respect to Run9 values as in the previous release v1.2.0)


  • The calculated polarization values are scaled down by 15% to address the difference seen between polarization values reported by the H-Jet and pCarbon polarimeters at = 500 GeV in Run9


This is a dummy version number for all releases prior to v1.2.0

Last modified by Dmitri Smirnov on 4-12-2013