CAMAC output register bits

From RHIC Spin Group

Each polarimeter has a CAMAC output register. Bit's assignment is described here:

  1. define OUT_INHIBIT 0x0001 // inhibit to WFD fron panel LEMO
  2. define OUT_DELIM 0x0002 // delimiter to WFD fron panel LEMO
  3. define OUT_SWITCH 0x0004 // switch V124 blue/yellow - clock and bunchZ. Not to be used in 2012.
  4. define OUT_MUXA 0x0008 // Old ATT1. Was moved by unknown reason
  5. define OUT_MUXB 0x0010 // Old ATT2. Was moved by unknown reason
  6. define OUT_CLRLAM 0x0020 // Clear LAM and Inhibit flip/Flop for HJET
  7. define OUT_ATT1 0x0040 // select attenuation : 00 - 1/10, 01 - 1/5
  8. define OUT_ATT2 0x0080 // 10 - 1/3, 11 - 1/1
  9. define OUT_INHPULSE 0x0100 // Inhibit test pulse going to preamps
  10. define OUT_TEST 0x0200 // set shaper board to test mode. NEVER used.

Only OUT_INHIBIT, OUT_DELIM and OUT_CLRLAM are set/reset from code. Other bits must be provided in the OutReg key of the configuration file. Other bits are not assigned yet and can be used in future.