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  • PSTP 2017, "HJET Polarimeter at RHIC in Run 2017", Andrei Poblaguev pdf
  • SPIN 2016, "Measurement of p+Au and p+d Analyzing Power in CNI Region at RHIC Hydrogen Polarimeter", Andrei Poblaguev pdf
  • SPIN 2016, "Proton Polarimetry with the Hydrogen Jet Target at RHIC in Run 2015", Oleg Eyser pdf
  • PSTP 2015, "New DAQ for the HJET polarimeter at RHIC", Andrei Poblaguev pdf
  • PSTP 2015, "Absolute Proton Polarimetry at RHIC", Oleg Eyser pdf
  • DSPIN11, "Polarimetry at RHIC. RHIC Polarized Beam in run 2011", Anatoli Zelenski - pdf
  • DSPIN11, "Measurement of Proton Beam Polarization at RHIC in Run 11", Dmitri Smirnov - pdf
  • PAC 2011, "RHIC Polarized Proton Operation", Haixin Huang - pdf
  • SPIN2004, "Polarized Hydrogen Jet Target...", T.Wise - pdf
  • SPIN2004, "Atomic Beam Studies...", A.Zelenski - pdf
  • SPIN2004, "Atomic Beam Polarization...", A.Nass - pdf

Analysis notes

  • Run 13 pC alpha calibration analysis note - pdf, github
  • Run 11 pC analysis note - pdf, latex archive tar
  • Run 9 pC analysis note - pdf
  • Run 8 pC analysis note