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This section contains a collection of documents (or references to) describing the functionality of the online DAQ system. The DAQ system is similar for the H-Jet and the p-Carbon polarimeters.

General information on readout electronics

New C-AD computers for polarimeters

  • 4-computers 2U module:
    • acnlinf9.pbn.bnl.gov - blue pC-polarimeter
    • acnlinf8.pbn.bnl.gov - yellow pC-polarimeter
    • acnlinb3.pbn.bnl.gov - H-Jet CAMAC-based (old) polarimeter
    • acnlinc6.pbn.bnl.gov - spare/system PC

In all these machines we have in /home :

    • /home/polarim - binary files, configuration, sources
    • 4 Tb data drives (/dev/sdb1 on the corresponding PC):
      • /home/blue/2015 - data, log, root, hbook for blue pC-polarimeter 2015
      • /home/yellow/2015 - data, log, root, hbook for yellow pC-polarimeter 2015
      • /home/hjet/2015 - data, log, root, hbook for H-Jet
      • /home/reserve - spare
  • acnlin8c.pbn.bnl.gov - VME crate for JLAB fADC250 H-Jet readout (new)

ClearCase is installed in acnlinc6 and acnlin8c. We need it to compile anything using C-AD libraries. Though all machines run 64-bit Red Hat Enterprice Workstation 6.5, only 32-bit version of C-AD libraries exists. To build with ClearCase you need:

  cleartool setview igor

See http://www.cadops.bnl.gov/Controls/doc/ClearCaseEnv/GettingStarted.html for more details.

Data Aquisition Hardware

  1. New Hamamatsu H-Jet detectors: connection map (view from the connectors side), side view of the chamber.

The detectors are 77 cm from the target centre. The pitch is 3.75 mm and the distance between the centre of the 1st strip and the centre of the flange is 10.85 mm.

  1. Various Polarimeter Timing Units and Timing Parameters in .ini Files
  2. DAQ Block Diagram (counting house) with spin tune
  3. Test pulses fanout Block Diagram (tunnel)
  4. Readout channel asignment
  5. H-Jet DAQ Block Diagram (beamsync swithced to BLUE)
  6. H-Jet DAQ Channel Assignment (counting house)
  7. CAMAC output register bits
  8. PMT/scintillator cabling

Obsolete 2016

  1. Readout channel asignment

Obsolete 2013:

  1. H-Jet DAQ Block Diagram (counting house)

Obsolete 2012:

  1. Readoud channel asignment

Obsolete 2011:

  1. Hierarchy of pC Polarimeters and Mux Switching Capabilities
  2. Downstream DAQ Block Diagram (tunnel)
  3. Downstream DAQ Channel Assignment (tunnel)
  4. Upsteram DAQ Block Diagram (counting house)
  5. Upstream DAQ Channel Assignment (counting house)

Obsolete 2010:

  1. PMT Assembly

Document sources: 2011 2012 2015 2016

Wave Form Digitizer (WFD)

  1. WFD Version 9 Programming Guide (used in pC polarimeters in RHIC and AGS)
  2. WFD Version 10 Programming Guide (used in H-Jet polarimeter)

Silicon Detectors


BNL 2 mm strips
These are the standard detectors used for CNI polarimetry at BNL manufactured by the BNL instrumentation group. Detectors have 12 silicon strips of 2 mm width and 10 mm length. Typical thickness of the detectors is 300 um.
BNL 1 mm strips
Newer (as of 2011/12) detectors manufactured by the BNL instrumentation group. The detectors have 12 strips of 1 mm width and 15 mm length. The thickness of the detectors is 300 um.
HAMAMATSU 0.9 mm strips
HAMAMATSU S4114-35Q detectors have 35 strips of 0.9 mm width, 4.4 mm length, and 1 mm pitch. These detectors were already tested in RHIC in 2009 but there were several errors in the test procedure and design, so we would like to repeat these tests eliminating many of the problems existed in 2009. Seen improvements can be attributed to different electronics and better grounding.
HAMAMATSU 3x30 mm single detectors
another HAMAMATSU detectors of single 3x30 mm sensitive area. We are going to make them work in AGS. For RHIC they have too large area to avoid overlapping pulses.

Tests of silicon detector

Leakage current in Blue detectors

Blue current.png
Blue current run09.png

Scope pictures