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November 20

  • Modified target holders (Jorg) pdf
  • Target behavior from data (Bill) pdf
  • Waveform dependence on the signal source in the H-Jet (Andrei) pdf

August 16 (special meeting)

  • H-jet calibration pptx (Oleg)
  • Alpha gain <-> carbon gain, TOF approach (Bill) pdf
  • Carbon gain vs. Ibias; check alpha gain vs. shaper board attenuators (Dima K.) pdf

August 2 (special meeting)

  • BiasCurrent:DeadLayer:Gain correlations, new 2hour alpha runs plots (Dmitry Kalikin) pdf

August 1 (CAD spin flipper meeting)

  • Driven Spin Coherent Precession at RHIC: Combining measurements (Dmitry Smirnov) pdf

July 19 (special meeting)

  • Long term gain stability, dead layer size (Dmitry Kalinkin) pdf

July 8 (special meeting)

  • Carbon & alpha E-deposition in Si [updated 19.07.13] (Bill) pdf

June 19

  • H-jet (Anatoli)
  • "alpha-less" calibration of the HJet ? (Andrei) pdf

March 27

  • P decay @ injection; B2V1 breaking, target set 2 sway (Bill) pdf
  • What do we detect in the HJet ? (Andrei) pdf
  • Alpha cailbration (Dmitry Kalinkin) pdf

March 13

  • EM simulations of pC scattering chamber & target frame (Jorg Kewisch) pptx
  • Jet update (Oleg) pdf

March 6

  • First look at jet asymmetries in Run 13 (Oleg) pptx
  • Target monitoring w/ long. seg. det. (Bill) pdf
  • AGS polarimeter in Run13 (first results) (Andrei) - pdf

February 27

  • AGS polarimeter in Run13 (first results) (Andrei) - pdf

January 9

  • Run13 detector alpha tests (Bill) - pdf
  • WFD performance in the AGS h=8 operatin (Andrei) - pdf