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December 12

  • Jlab WFD for Hjet: status & analysis (Andrei) pdf
  • New online PCs, H-jet features (Igor) pdf

November 26

  • Status offline analysis hjet 2013. (Oleg) pptx

October 8

  • VME based DAQ for the HJet (status report). (Andrei) pdf
  • pC status (Bill) pdf
  • Target holder fin size (Haixin) pdf

August 11

  • Gain width's comparison for no beam and corrected alpha gains. Extending bias current query window. Extracting RHIC slow control log data. (Dmitry) pdf

August 6

  • Modified target holder tests (Haixin) pdf

July 11

  • Corrected alpha gains, correlation of bias currents during sweep and alpha (Dmitry) pdf

March 5

  • 1 mm detectors: I-V curves off/on ceramic (Bill) pdf
  • JLab WFD250 (Igor) pdf

January 8

  • Run13: alpha & carbon gains, Ibias; alpha gain vs. Vbias (Bill) pdf
  • V-I curves & ceramic boards (Grigor) pdf