From RHIC Spin Group


October 14

  • Target thickness <-> AN (Bill) pdf

(extension of presentation August 26)

September 23

  • New HJET DAQ (Presentation at PSTP2015) (Andrei) pdf
  • p-Nuclear Analyzing power (Presentation at PSTP2015) (Andrei) pdf

September 4

  • HJET analysis update (analyzing powers) (Oleg) pptx
  • HJET analysis update (Oleg) pptx

August 26 (special meeting)

  • Target thickness <-> AN (Bill) pdf

May 8

  • Background studies in p+Au (Oleg) pptx

March 11

  • Event selection at the Hjet. (Andrei) pdf

February 18

HJET sanity checks pdf

January 21

Presentations delayed until Feb. 4:

  • Some pC systematics (Bill) pdf
  • Status of the HJet VME DAQ. Estimation of the Hjet time resolution. (Andrei) pdf