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A schematic drawing of the RHIC accelerator complex and CNI polarimeters. The three polarimeters highlighted in yellow are the main responsibility of the CNI polarimetry group.

Polarization of proton beams at RHIC is measured by the following polarimeters:

The polarimeters regularly take data during the time when particles spin in the accelerator. Collected data is then analyzed by the CNI polarimetry group and the results become available to the RHIC experiments. The offline analysis is based on the package developed by the CNI group over years. One can learn about it on the Data analysis page.

Another set of polarimeters is installed at AGS. The design of the main AGS polarimeter is similar to the p-Carbon ones used in RHIC. Although the AGS polarimeters are completely independent it is not surprising that the two systems have many common features in both online data taking and offline analysis.

One can learn more about the hardware and the data acquisition system used for RHIC and AGS polarimeters on this wiki.

CNI Polarimetry Group

Current group members:

Igor Alekseev, Elke Aschenauer, Grigor Atoian, Zilong Chang, Oleg Eyser, Haixin Huang, Dima Kalinkin, Yousef Makdisi, Ana Sofia Nunes, Andrei Poblaguev, Bill Schmidke, Dima Svirida, Anatoli Zelenski

Past group members: Sasha Bazilevsky, Alan Dion, Dmitri Smirnov, Grant Webb

For contact information go to Contacts

The group mailing list is cnipol-l@lists.bnl.gov

The archive of prior messages to the group list can be found at https://lists.bnl.gov/mailman/private/cnipol-l/
Even earlier mailing list archive is here http://spin.riken.bnl.gov/exp/lists/


2001, December
CNI polarimeters in RHIC become operational. One polarimeter per ring
2002, October
CNI polarimeter is installed in AGS
First run for AGS CNI polarimeters
H-jet takes first data. This is a commissioning run. Only blue beam collided with the target
Did not run polarized protons in Run 7
Additional RHIC p-Carbon polarimeter installed in each ring. Two polarimeters per ring
Did not run polarized protons in Run 10
Faster current sensitive pre-amplifiers replace the charge sensitive ones
Minimal hardware changes w.r.t. Run 11. In some channels experienced strong noise induced by the beam

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To learn about the latest development in RHIC/AGS polarimeters is to browse the appropriate pages on this web site.