Run 13 configuration (p-Carbon)

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Last modified by Schmidke on 18-06-2015

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An overview: DAQ configuration, detectors & target assignments, Am/Gd source locations


As for Run 12 the readout had independent systems for the Blue and Yellow polarimeters. This provided improved stability and simpler and faster setup and adjustment of e.g. timing parameters


All detectors were BNL 1 mm strip width. In all four polarimeters the detectors in ports 1 and 6 were rotated to be segmented longitundinally (downstream->upstream: det. 1 chan. 1->12, det. 6 chan. 72->61). The other detectors were azimuthally segmented, increasing channel number with increasing phi.

Summaries of dark current tests of the 3 production wafers, 18 chips per wafer, are here: 1699, 1700, 1701

Wafer/chip->port assignments: B1 B2 Y1 Y2


The targets were from the standard fabrication technique, 2x thinnest size: 50 nm thick x 7-10 wide x 25 mm long. After the initial installation all targets were replaced during maintenance days on 20.03.13 and 08.05.13. Several of the targets were pretreated with a flash lamp to induce graphitization. One target was pretreated by passing a current through it. The locations of these and other special conditions are noted in the details:

Details of set 1: B1V B1H B2V B2H Y1V Y1H Y2V Y2H

Details of set 2: B1V B1H B2V B2H Y1V Y1H Y2V Y2H

Details of set 3: B1V B1H B2V B2H Y1V Y1H Y2V Y2H

Alpha Sources

As in previous years there were Am sources at all 90-deg. ports. As for Run 12 Gd sources were also installed at the 90-deg. ports in B2D and Y2U

Last modified by Schmidke on 18-06-2015