Polarimetry contacts

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To protect private information such as mobile and home phone numbers only registered user can view them on this page

Area Phone Numbers

Location BNL Ext.
1012A counting room 4316, 5391
RHIC polarimeter tunnel 5390
RHIC main control room 4662

Personnel Contacts

CNI polarimetry group

Contact Name BNL Ext./Work Phone
Igor Alekseev +7 (499) 789-6629
Grigor Atoian 5002
Sasha Bazilevsky 3712
Alan Dion 2126
Haixin Huang 5446
Yousef Makdisi 4932, 7519
Andrei Poblaguev 7508
Bill Schimidke 3863
Dmitri Smirnov 4772
Anatoly Zelenski 8387

Other personnel

Contact Name BNL Ext./Work phone
Ron Gill 3987
John Ritter 8478
George Mahler 7296, 7218
Kin Yip 4116
Seth Nemesure 5595