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Final Results for RHIC polarized pp data analysis

A document describing the Run9 (100 GeV), Run11 and Run12 results is report number C-A/AP/490 at [1].
The report should be cited with "RHIC Polarimetry Group" as author.

The final results tables referred to in the document are accessed through the 'Fill by fill results' links below for the different years Runs 9-13
(The document is also linked on this wiki at here)

Run-15 Run-13 Run-12 Run-11 Run-09

Earlier polarization results

Run-09 Run-08 Run-06 Run-05 Run-04 Run-03
Fill by Fill Results (250 GeV)
Final Results
Analysis note pdf

Run 9

Run 8

The following directory contains details about the analysis of Run 8 data:

Run 4

Analysis results pdf and notes pdf

Run 3

Analysis results pdf and notes pdf

Info for experts:

A summary table with the average scale factors for the p-Carbon polarimeters for runs 9, 11, 12, and 13 is available on the PCarbon normalization page.

Run 13

p-Carbon Polarimeters H-jet Polarimeter
  • Silicon detector response study

Run 12

p-Carbon Polarimeters H-jet Polarimeter

Run 11

p-Carbon Polarimeters H-jet Polarimeter

Run 09

p-Carbon Polarimeters H-jet Polarimeter

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