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A requirement for the PD-2/3 Review is a Technical Design Report (TDR) describing the proposed baseline detector.  The draft can be viewed is in Overleaf here: 

Overleaf has changed a bit since the sPHENIX CDR, but there may be some useful hints in the Wiki pages describing the CDR. Working with the source with git is a little different; you can find how to clone the source in the "Git" entry you find from the "Menu" button at the top left.  To save you some clicking, this:

git clone xxx

will clone the full source into directory xxx.  (You should then be able to build it locally if you have TeXLive with "make debug.")

Annotated drafts of the compiled document in pdf will appear in the sPHENIX Indico Notes category here: which will be useful for proofreading.